Current Projects

Challenges, projects and opportunities that push your boundaries, broaden your knowledge base and encourage you to try new things are always important. Often I end up stuck in my comfort zone and stop learning new things, so in order to change that I set myself new challenges to complete. These range from joining and participating in online communities, to helping someone out with an interesting new venture. Iā€™m sharing my current projects here to keep myself accountable, and document what I learn during my journey. 


The How To Money Podcast

In late 2017 I launched the How To Money podcast, a financial education podcast for young Australians. The HTM podcast and accompanying resources are aimed at opening the conversation up around money in the community.


Financial Independence Retire Early (FIRE)

After recently discovering the FIRE movement, I quickly dived in and have started learning everything I can about financial independence and planning for my financial future. The wealth of information you can find online now if outstanding, but having skills to navigate through the information is just as important.


Self-Directed Learning

Self-directed learning (SDL) is a passion of mine and I enjoy sharing my SDL journey and relevant resources on here. SDL is all about figuring out what you are interested in and learning in a way the suits you.