Current Projects

Challenges, projects and opportunities that push your boundaries, broaden your knowledge base and encourage you to try new things are always important. Often I end up stuck in my comfort zone and stop learning new things, so in order to change that I set myself new challenges to complete. These range from joining and participating in online communities, to helping someone out with an interesting new venture. I’m sharing my current projects here to keep me accountable, and document what I learn during my journey. 


The Way of Adventure

I am currently working on a beta testing team for Blake Boles who is in the process of launching a free online self-paced course for self-directed teens. I will be positing my challenges from the course here, and also sharing what I learn and discover during the process.


Praxis Teen Entrepreneurship Course

After trawling through many interesting and thought provoking articles on the Discover Praxis website, I found they offered a couple of free online courses. An entrepreneurship course focused directly towards young people sounded very relevant to me, and an area I really want to learn more about.


Young Writers Workshop

Recently I joined an online community run by Brett Harris and Jaquelle Crowe that provides ongoing coaching and support to young adult writers. As both a personal and professional skill, I want to improve my writing and communication skills, and have a community of other young writers to help me grow and improve my skills.