December 2017 Letter

Wow, I cannot believe Christmas has come around again! So much has changed this year in my life, and this site has been a big part of recording my journey. I’m putting this up here now, as I’m just about to leave for a two week family holiday at the beach. I’m going to try and spend quite a few days tech free, which I anticipate to be quite challenging as I usually work on a computer all day and study on my laptop at night. I’ll definitely update on how it goes in my January letter.

I’ve done some interesting pieces on the How To Money Podcast and Blog this month, and will be spending some time this Summer planning where I want to take it in 2018. The most popular episode this far has been Episode 5: Developing a Savings Mindset. If you have any ideas for topics that you want us cover in 2018, please shoot me an email.

We also did our first collaboration piece with the GROW Super team about the importance of your superannuation - please give it a read!

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I’ll be back in January with a more in depth post about my big goals for 2018, and where I’m heading next year.

Until then, have a great NYE celebration and best wishes for 2018!