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Top 10 Self-Directed Education Resources

Top 10 Self-Directed Education Resources

So i’ve just started Blake Boles online course, The Way of Adventure, and I wrote an introductory post over here if you'd like to learn more about it. I’m currently in the process of beta-testing the course, and as I don't have other examples to base my challenges off please bear with me as I muddle my way through.

As I’m doing various different projects during the week my challenges will be done slightly out of order, but I’ll provide links at the bottom of each post so it makes a bit more sense if you're going through in order.

This challenge focused on the theme Create, which is an important skill in our society. The ability to add value to the organisations you're apart of, will really set you apart from others who just do what’s required. This adds to your personal worth in the organisation, and makes you much more valuable to the company.

This challenge was to create a curated resource list about an area you had an interest in. I am currently learning a lot about self-directed education, economics and entrepreneurship. This list compiles the best 10 resources that have taught me a lot about self-directed learning.

Here are my current Top 10 Resources for people interested in a different approach to learning, and those wanting to take control of their own education.

Blake is an alternative education advocate, and offers trips for self-directed young adults through his company Unschool Adventures. He writes regularly on his website and social media platforms, and has written a host of other interesting articles which you can find on his website. I highly recommend reading his book Better Than College, which you can get for free if you are a teenager or student. Reading through the content Blake produces is a great introduction to self-directed education, and was definitely where I went at the start my journey last year.

The Foundation for Economic Education’s mission is to educate young adults with the economic, ethical and legal principles of a free society. They promote personal growth, entrepreneurship and individual liberty. Reading even a few of their numerous in-depth articles will really force you to learn and think, and they offer a whole host of free resources and online courses to help you do just that.

Another prolific writer and the founder of Praxis, you’ll learn a lot about alternative education from his website and eBooks. Try Forward Tilt, his new free eBook covering 52 weeks of personal development and growth, and the podcast that accompanies it. I’ve been listening to his recent podcasts, and they have definitely been opening my eyes to the different ways I can achieve the outcomes that i’ve set for myself.

This blog really has a bit of everything, and covers key topics like career advancement, value-creation and alternate ways to land your dream job. Trawl through the Praxis blog and you're sure to find a diamond that truly resonates and connects with you. I have gained a lot of insight and knowledge through the posts on this site.

Another great resource to look through for gems, certainly worth checking out. They also have a bank of free eBook resources here

A large online global liberty community that involves people across the globe. Thousands of thought provoking posts, member library, discussion forums and interesting downloadable guides. It’s worth checking out Rethinking Education by Isaac Morehouse, and having a look in their huge downloadable library.

If you you want to know exactly this alternative education concept is, look no further than this fantastic and informative website. It explains the what, how, why and when of self-directed education. The basics are clearly explained, and they have numerous informative articles to help you understand the principles of self-directed education.

Although not primarily focused on self-directed education, the message of this website is ‘rebelling against low expectations’. It encourages, assists and showcases young people who are making their mark on the world, without waiting until they’ve reached certain milestones in life. I recommend reading Do Hard Things, written by the founder’s of The Rebelution, Brett and Alex Harris.

This blog is written by an unschooler who has grown up with self-directed learning. Her website celebrates self-directed lifelong learning, and provides an introduction to those who are new to it. Check out her post Unschooling 101, it’s a great place to start exploring the concepts of unschooling.

  • Podcasts

Before I finish up I have to mention these fantastic podcasts that relate to education and personal development, and you can download all of these on iTunes.

-Successful Dropout

-School Sucks

-Off Trail Learning

-Forward Tilt

-Deschool Yourself

I hope you find some interesting content among these sites, and learn new things about self-directed education.

Best Wishes,


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