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Personal Eulogy

Personal Eulogy

This challenge from Blake Boles online course The Way of Adventure, was to write a eulogy that would be delivered by your best friend at your funeral. The aim was to write the things that you'd like to be remembered by at your funeral, and look at where you want to head towards.

This task really made me think about the way I am currently perceived, and the things I want to change. This eulogy is for the Kate Campbell that I want to be when i’m older, and it’s the story of the person I’m striving to be. I may update this as I grow, but I’ll leave it here for now.

Eulogy for Kate Campbell, Age 82

Today we honour the memory of our dear and beloved friend Kate Campbell. Kate lived a long and happy life, and passed away peacefully in her sleep last Tuesday. Kate always saw the best in others, and brought out the best traits and qualities in those she loved.

Kate was loved by many, and the people whose lives she touched have gathered here to remember her beautiful spirit today.

Kate was energetic and bubbly, and saw the positives in even the most frustrating tasks. She was a mentor to many younger people over the years, and her guidance and advice has helped many fantastic people go on to lead fulfilled lives.

She was a firm believer in asking questions, and never shied away from pointing out the truth, no matter what. She was honest, gentle and kind, and a giver not a taker.

She was a student of life, and loved to learn new things everywhere she went. An avid traveller, Kate went on many international adventures with her family and friends, and even stopped by Antarctica!

She spent time working overseas on projects close to her heart, and read books nearly every where she went. I never saw her without a book in her bag, and I was constantly being dragged off to visit bookstores with her.

Kate leaves behind her husband Mark, her sister Margaret, her three children Victoria, Elizabeth and Edward, and her six beautiful grandchildren. They have all flown in today from all around Australia to be here today and celebrate Kate’s wonderful life.

Kate always put a high importance on family, and was both a wonderful mother and grandmother. She was always interested in what her family was doing, and always supported and believed in them.

Kate is now at peace, and has gone to heaven, I’m sure she’ll be enjoying catching up with her parent there. They had a very special relationship while they were alive, and she missed them dearly after their passing.

She lived a full life, and would want her passing to be a celebration of happy memories today. So please join me in a toast to the wonderful Kate, a woman who made everyones lives that little bit better, and lived every second of her life.

Last Updated: April 2017

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