March 2017 Letter


March has definitely been an interesting month, I'm finally starting to sort out my online sites, and work out the direction I'm planning to head in with various projects. April will be a much more productive month because on the groundwork I put in place during the month of March. I've been working on a couple of articles for my portfolio, and continuing to work on completing Blake Boles online course. I am also working on submitting a few pieces to different websites to work on my writing skills, and am trying to write a creative piece, a genre in which I don't have much experience at all.

A friend recently introduced me to an Australian drama called Offspring, and I have quickly fallen for the shows quirky characters and endless family dramas. Offspring also has a fantastic soundtrack, and that led me to the singer Clare Bowditch, whose songs are now on my favourites playlist.

My most popular post in March was a challenge I completed from The Way of Adventure, Blake Boles online course for self-directed learners. 'Top 10 Self-Directed Education Resources,' is a compilation of the places I've gained the most experience and knowledge so far on my journey.

I've recently started a 30-day writing challenge, and will be writing about my results and learning points at the end of it. Hopefully it helps me to develop a more consistent writing habit, and I can start to work on improving my idea development and creation skills.

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I hope you enjoyed the articles that I linked through to above, and I hope to share more interesting things with you throughout April.

Best Wishes,