Work Doesn't Equal Life

Sometimes a job is just that, a job. It doesn't have to be your life's passion or your sole purpose for living. There are so many fantastic, terrible and plain average jobs in the world, and everyone's reasons for doing them are different.

Some jobs may fill a need, tick a box, help others, give you some extra cash or help you to meet more people. It might just be for a month or a year, or maybe it turns into something you stick with for a while. Sometimes work can be just work, maybe you fulfilment in your life outside of work, and that's fantastic too. 

There seems to be so much pressure nowadays to follow your heart and do work that you love. 'Find your dream job' seems to be a phrase thrown around recently. Not everyone wants to turn their passion or hobbies into an income. Yes, its a fantastic choice for some people, but others may wish to keep the thing they love seperate from their source of income. And no, I don't want anyone working in a job that makes them miserable and sucks the life out of them, but its not necessarily a bad thing if you’re not passionate about your work. Fulfilment and satisfaction can come from so many different areas of your life, be that your family, friends or passions. 

I've seen too many people become unhappy because they keep looking for their dream job, and come up empty handed. Others have ruined their favourite activity by turning it into a job, and no longer find joy in that passion anymore. Others start to become unhappy in their jobs because they're constantly worried that they're not following their passions, and it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. 

So I'm happy to say that work doesn't have to be your life, sometimes it's just a source of income. You can be good at your job without loving it. Find enjoyment in the work you do, and make the most of your time and opportunities at the company. Work can give you the flexibility to pursue your goals and hobbies on the side, finance your travel adventures and financially support your ambitions.

Not everyone loves working and that's okay. Let it be something that facilitates the other areas of your life. Career advisors and self-help coaches tell you to follow your heart and do what you love, but make sure you remember that work doesn't equal life, and take their advice with a bit of practicality and realism.

Late Night Ramblings from my Desk,