January 2018 Letter

January had been a month filled with beach walks, catching up with friends and heading back to work. I’ve also been busy setting my goals and intentions for 2018, which has given me a clear and purposeful start to the year.

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Setting goals and intentions is a really great way to evaluate where you currently are, where you strive to be and how you can get there. For goals to be achievable they need to be broken into achievable and manageable action steps, otherwise you’ll make it to January 2019 without making progress towards your goals.

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Some of my 2018 goals and intentions are as follows:

  • Walk more regularly in the mornings + attend self-defence classes
  • Complete half of my Business Management Degree
  • Start planning for my 2020 overseas travel adventure year
  • Build on the How To Money podcast and website and bring in guests, in order to share personal finance concepts with more young Australians  
  • Learn to cook some basic dishes

My main focus this year is on making it through the first half of my Business Management Degree, and working on building the How To Money site. Studying while working full-time is a challenge, but it has definitely improved my time-management and organisational skills. I have found the content really engaging, and enjoy the practical aspect of the assignments.

As part of planning for my 2020 travel adventure I have also started 2018 with the plan to spend less on material items, and instead put that money towards travel. It’s always hard to get out of the materialistic mindset, so that’s going to be a big challenge for me this year.

'Too many people spend money they earned...to buy things they don’t want...to impress people that they don’t like'. – Will Rogers

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