Embrace Your Individuality

 We are designed differently, so embrace your individuality.

Everyday I hear statements like 'I'm not good enough' and 'I'm not smart enough,' and I think to myself 'for who?' All that matters in life is that you're the best version of yourself, and not a version of somebody else.

Constantly aspiring to be someone else can be very damaging, because on your quest to be somebody else, you may loose track of who you really are. We were all designed differently, with different genes, personalities and talents. We were never made to be the same.

Life is filled with diversity and rich in culture, and this has only happened because people have embraced their own individuality. Too often I see people loosing their individuality because of their desire to follow the crowd and fit in. I've always held the view that you need to embrace your unique personality, as it is a gift, not a burden.

You are an amazing person, and by trying to be someone else, you loose a key part of your unique spirit. Learning to be happy with who you are is definitely a challenge, but it is an important and healthy challenge.

Every time that you think that you're not good enough, make sure you ask your self who you're not good enough for. If the answer is for your friends and family, then you need to know that you are good enough. They love you just the way you are, regardless of your flaws.

True friends don't want to change you into somebody you're not, and neither will your family. If your answer is for the world, then chances are you're trying to live up to the standards that the media place on you. It's not worth it, those standards may seem ideal, but they're not who you are.

So give it a try for a week, exist for you and not the world. Be content in the fact that your family and friends love the real you.