March 2018 Letter

I’m writing this on the way home from a short Easter weekend trip to New Zealand to visit family. There’s just something about the rolling hills and valleys over there that fills you with peace and happiness - and it gave me a chance to reflect on the busy first quarter of 2018. This month I smashed through two university subjects, saw Ed Sheeran live, published an article about ETFs on How To Money with BetaShares and traveled to NZ to visit family - and next month is going to be just as busy!

One of my favourite Self-Directed Learning advocates is Blake Boles - and I highly recommend his latest post on the Alliance for Self-Directed Education (ASDE), titled Hail the Almighty Diploma. Blake highlights that ‘most formal education is about showing off—a.k.a. “signaling”—not building actual skills. After learning basic reading, writing, and arithmetic, the majority of schooling is functionally useless to the majority of students. You don’t go to school to gain skills, you do it to signal your intelligence, diligence, and conformity to future employers.’

There is a lot of truth in what Blake says in his article, and it always reminds me to truly consider why I’m studying my degree. Yes, it’s definitely a signal to society and opens up more pathways for me, but I’m also doing it to learn more about business and research in a practical way.

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Have a wonderful April!