My Impossible List

My Impossible List is based on a movement started by Joel Runyon over at Impossible HQ. I first read about it over at College Info Geek and really connected with the concept of it. Joel describes the list as a challenge. It’s not about settling for what’s possible in your life, but instead striving towards goals that you didn't think possible, and growing as you achieve them. 

This will be a lifelong working document that I add to, change, tick off and elaborate on as I pursue my journey. 

It’s meant to be a fluid document that changes as you do, and a record of what you’ve done and still wish to do. I’ve included a few of my fun/miscellaneous goals in here, not necessarily big challenges, but goals I want to complete nonetheless.

Last Updated: 25th June 2017

Health and Fitness Goals

  • Abstain from eating anything with added sugar for an entire month

  • Run in a ParkRun event

  • Run 3km non-stop

  • Complete 20 push-ups in a row

  • Be flexible enough to do the splits

  • Complete a fitness challenge

  • Attend a martial arts class

  • Attend a beginners dance class

Professional Goals

  • Have meaningful conversations with ten people and record key learnings

  • Create a public slide deck

  • Get published in a major online publication

  • Give a live talk/presentation

  • Complete my university degree

  • Start a business

  • Gain skills that allow me to become self-sufficient and location independent

  • Attend a conference

  • Build my personal and business network

  • Gain a solid understanding of basic financial principles

Online Goals

  • Get 1000 website visitors

  • Setup and distribute my monthly newsletter

  • Self-publish an eBook

  • Speak on a Podcast episode

  • Create a video for my online portfolio

  • Learn how to create and publish an online course

  • Gain my first $100 of side income

  • Create an iPad/iPhone App

Fun Goals

  • Complete Blake Boles’ online course - The Way of Adventure

  • Complete the Praxis Online Entrepreneurship Course

  • Learn basic self-defence

  • Cook 50 different dishes

  • Create a piece of artwork for my wall

  • Learn basic calligraphy skills

  • Bake and decorate a large themed cake

  • Write a song

Travel Goals

  • Go backpacking by myself (minimum of two weeks)

  • Visit Hobbiton in New Zealand

  • Visit Disneyland

  • Visit Harry Potter World

  • Travel to a country in South-East Asia

  • Walk part of the Camino de Santiago

  • Visit an Island country

  • Road Trip around Australia

  • Work on a cruise ship

  • Visit NASA

  • Visit Lietchersen (small European country)

Life Goals

  • Find hobbies and work that fulfills me

  • Have a healthy, happy and loving family

  • Create a lifestyle that prioritises passive income, travel, and freedom

  • Pursue a path of lifelong self-directed learning

  • Work towards a minimalist mindset when it comes to purchasing material objects

  • Buy a property

  • Live and work overseas

  • Invest in a startup

  • Have a large reading library

My Life Guidelines Thus Far

  • Don’t play small

  • Take a step out of your comfort zone every day

  • Don’t let sugar take control

  • Age is never an excuse

  • Always ask questions

  • You need to be able to stand up for your beliefs

  • Being honest is hard but necessary

  • Don’t push the people you love away when life gets hard

  • Sometimes you have to make the hard decision, and deal with the consequences

If you make an impossible list I’d love to read it!

Best Wishes,


The Search For Self-Worth

Are you happy with who you are? Are you content with your life?

'Sometimes the hardest part of the journey is believing you're worthy of the trip.'

Yes, there’s always areas of our mental, spiritual, physical and emotional selves that we are working on improving, but they shouldn't compromise our feelings of self-worth.

'Based on how you see yourself you will conclude what your worth is and how valuable you are.'

Self-worth often takes a journey of self-discovery and reflection to find, and sometimes it may be buried under years of hurt and criticism. It could take a while before you find it, but keep searching, don’t worry, it’ll be there.

'Your value doesn't decrease based on someone's inability to see your worth.'

It’s a word that’s often tied in with self-confidence and self-love. They’re almost a trio of sorts, and I think that they’re all interwoven together in our core identity. It would be difficult to have one without the others, and I believe that it’s important to look after all three areas.

‘I went from zero to my own here.’ -Roar, Katy Perry

Last year I came to realise that I often lacked confidence in my ability to achieve and complete things. Over the past few years I have been faced with many challenges, exams and assessments, and usually wasn’t very confident beforehand that I would pass and be successful.

Whenever I approached another bridge my head would fill up with self doubt, and I would question whether I was even supposed to be there. I’ve felt like an imposter in my own life. I didn’t think it wasn’t a question of confidence, but a question of how I see myself. I then started focusing on exploring my self-worth, and how it affected my approach to challenges.

Self-worth is defined as 'the sense of one's own value or worth as a person.'

Tips to build self-worth:

  • Stop comparing yourself to others
  • Challenge your critical inner voice
  • Acknowledge that imperfection is something all humans share
  • Practice self-compassion towards yourself and your experiences
  • Take part in activities that are meaningful to you
  • Act in line with your values and ethics

I used to wonder why I let my inner critic be in charge for so long. I think it may have been because it was easier to take failure when I didn't think I had a shot. It's a lot harder to give a challenge everything you have, and then not be successful.

I’ve now decided that I'm not really living as my true self, if I don't hit every challenge with all the strength I have. Then if I don't succeed I have the assurance that I gave it my best. To me that’s an indicator that I’ve found my self-worth, and have confidence in who I am as a person. I understand my strengths and weaknesses, and am happy with who I am.

"I think self love is the most important kind of love. With it you don't have to rely on anyone else to validate you as a person, and it's the kind of love that when nurtured, allows you to blossom in all areas of your life.” - Kate Campbell

Best Wishes,


Critical Self Reflection

Critical Self Reflection

Taking something that happened and breaking it down into smaller components allows you to really understand the choices you made, what worked, and what didn't go so well. You can then go deeper and look at your strengths and weaknesses in the scenario, where you need to focus on, and the way you could do things better or differently next time. This helps you to prevent repeating past mistakes or unhelpful behaviours.