High School

Lessons From High School

High School was an experience in itself, but the lessons I learnt that were most important were all from outside of the classroom. Although I spent most of my days learning English, Maths and Science, the best aspects of school occurred through the activities and events I got involved in.

In many ways I felt school didn't prepare me for life, but learnt what I needed to from other areas of my life.

Here are some of the standout lessons that I learnt during high school:

Lesson #1: The things that make you different, are the things that make you stand out.

Lesson #2: Things often happen for a reason, although you may not see it at the time

Lesson #3: Self-worth and self-love come from within

Lesson #4: Don’t push away your friends and family when things get hard

Lesson #5: Creativity is always important, don't let school kill it

Lesson #6: Sometimes teachers have pretty awesome stories, if you're willing to listen

Lesson #7: Having a little courage can open you up to a world of new opportunities

Lesson #8: Everyone feels just as confused as you do about their future, stop stressing

Lesson #9: People generally want to help you, you just have to ask

Lesson #10: Don’t discard someones advice and ideas just because they are younger

I’ve been thinking a lot about high school recently because I had a long conversation about it with my friends. This topic has also had quite a regular appearance on Quora, and it looks like an area people want to know more about.

The lessons above were the ones that stood out to me the most, and the ones that I still remember now. Everything we do in life leads to lessons and stories, but sometimes it takes a bit of reflection to figure them out.

What lessons did you learn from the high school experience?

Best Wishes,


A Letter to My High School Self

Younger Kate,

I know you're feeling lost right now, and you can’t seem to regain your sense of direction. It’s scary trying to swim against the current when everyone’s swimming the other way. It’s going to be overwhelming for a while, as you begin to find your feet in this crazy place called life.

Trust yourself and your intuition, don't let yourself get distracted by what other people think and most of all be honest and kind.

Try and listen to the advice of your trusted friends, family and mentors. Although you may not want to hear it, they are looking out for you, and have your best interests at heart.

Go outside and get some fresh air, staying inside all day won’t help you make any more sense of those confusing thoughts swirling round your mind. See your friends, explore the world and say yes to new adventures.

Soon things will start making sense, although it will be a few more years before you start to find your feet. Throw yourself into your passions and take every opportunity as it comes, you'll be surprised at what you discover about yourself and the world around you.

Regret Nothing. Before you make a decision, ask yourself if will you regret the outcome years in the future. Having regrets later on, is something you can’t go back and fix.

Be generous with your time, after all that’s what matters in the end. The memories with those you love will get you through the hardest of times.

Your family are your biggest cheerleaders, so don’t forget to take them along on your journey with you.

Don’t place too much value on materialistic items, they don’t really matter in the scheme of things.

Always remember who you are, and where you came from.

Never forget that you are loved and valued,

Older Kate