My Impossible List

My Impossible List

My Impossible List is based on a movement started by Joel Runyon over at Impossible HQ. I first read about it over at College Info Geek and really connected with the concept of it. Joel describes the list as a challenge. It’s not about settling for what’s possible in your life, but instead striving towards goals that you didn't think possible, and growing as you achieve them. 

This will be a lifelong working document that I add to, change, tick off and elaborate on as I pursue my journey. 

It’s meant to be a fluid document that changes as you do, and a record of what you’ve done and still wish to do. I’ve included a few of my fun/miscellaneous goals in here, not necessarily big challenges, but goals I want to complete nonetheless.

Last Updated: 25th June 2017

Health and Fitness Goals

  • Abstain from eating anything with added sugar for an entire month

  • Run in a ParkRun event

  • Run 3km non-stop

  • Complete 20 push-ups in a row

  • Be flexible enough to do the splits

  • Complete a fitness challenge

  • Attend a martial arts class

  • Attend a beginners dance class

Professional Goals

  • Have meaningful conversations with ten people and record key learnings

  • Create a public slide deck

  • Get published in a major online publication

  • Give a live talk/presentation

  • Complete my university degree

  • Start a business

  • Gain skills that allow me to become self-sufficient and location independent

  • Attend a conference

  • Build my personal and business network

  • Gain a solid understanding of basic financial principles

Online Goals

  • Get 1000 website visitors

  • Setup and distribute my monthly newsletter

  • Self-publish an eBook

  • Speak on a Podcast episode

  • Create a video for my online portfolio

  • Learn how to create and publish an online course

  • Gain my first $100 of side income

  • Create an iPad/iPhone App

Fun Goals

  • Complete Blake Boles’ online course - The Way of Adventure

  • Complete the Praxis Online Entrepreneurship Course

  • Learn basic self-defence

  • Cook 50 different dishes

  • Create a piece of artwork for my wall

  • Learn basic calligraphy skills

  • Bake and decorate a large themed cake

  • Write a song

Travel Goals

  • Go backpacking by myself (minimum of two weeks)

  • Visit Hobbiton in New Zealand

  • Visit Disneyland

  • Visit Harry Potter World

  • Travel to a country in South-East Asia

  • Walk part of the Camino de Santiago

  • Visit an Island country

  • Road Trip around Australia

  • Work on a cruise ship

  • Visit NASA

  • Visit Lietchersen (small European country)

Life Goals

  • Find hobbies and work that fulfills me

  • Have a healthy, happy and loving family

  • Create a lifestyle that prioritises passive income, travel, and freedom

  • Pursue a path of lifelong self-directed learning

  • Work towards a minimalist mindset when it comes to purchasing material objects

  • Buy a property

  • Live and work overseas

  • Invest in a startup

  • Have a large reading library

My Life Guidelines Thus Far

  • Don’t play small

  • Take a step out of your comfort zone every day

  • Don’t let sugar take control

  • Age is never an excuse

  • Always ask questions

  • You need to be able to stand up for your beliefs

  • Being honest is hard but necessary

  • Don’t push the people you love away when life gets hard

  • Sometimes you have to make the hard decision, and deal with the consequences

If you make an impossible list I’d love to read it!

Best Wishes,