The Choice: Between Settling and Taking Risks

There's something you really want, but it's going to be difficult to achieve. Maybe it'll take a few years and more skills and expertise than you currently have. Then you are presented with an easier option, one that you can reach fairly quickly and easily, but it's not really what you wanted.

What option would you choose if you had the choice?

Would you take the safety of an income, profession and lifestyle, even though it meant that your had to settle?

Or would you risk it all for the path that you truly want to pursue?

Nothing worth having in life is easy, and often there's too much going on in your life for you to devote your energy towards fighting for Option A.

Sometimes you just have to take Option B and make the best of it. Hopefully it will help steer you towards Option A in the future.

Taking a leap into the unknown may be completely unsuitable depending on your life situation, or maybe you're just not ready to take that risk. It's all completely okay!

It may not even be a choice in the end, and you have to take what you can get. Whatever happens, use the experiences to work towards your goal. Although it may take awhile to get to your desired outcome; hard work and perseverance generally payoff, even if only years down the track.

Keep fighting! Option B isn't the end, just a different path.