30-Day Writing Challenge

Writing has never been a habit for me, I'll go for weeks without putting pen to paper, and then suddenly out of nowhere all sorts of words and idea come rushing through my head waiting to be written down. It's an area I want to become a lot more consistent with, so I am setting myself a 30-day challenge to write everyday. I will be documenting what I do each day on this post, and will share my results and learning points at the end of the challenge.

To me writing is such a special and important skill, and it's a skill that needs to be exercised daily in order to see improvement. I'm also learning about writing through the Young Writers Workshop, and will be implementing what I discover into my daily writing challenges.

Some of my writing will be shared on this site, and I'll link to the other pieces I write during this 30-day challenge.

Challenge Documentation  

Day 1 - 30-Day Writing Challenge Introduction and Framework

Day 2 - March 2017 Update 

Day 3 - Signed up to Quora, and answered two questions about sleep and self-directed learning 

Day 4 - This Changes Everything - Book Review 

Day 5 - Work Doesn't Equal Life

Day 5 - Peace and Happiness

Day 6 - Another Quora question answered, +/- of college and autodidacticism 

Day 7 - Childhood Questions, and Quora question answered on high school advice

Day 8 - Rejection Challenge  

Day 9 - Flew home for Easter, didn't get any writing done today  

Day 10 - Published over at The Rebelution, taking about my Christian Faith 

Day 10 - Quora question answered on managing Self-Directed Learning

Day 11 - Easter Day, no writing happened, but I'm glad I spent the day with my family

Day 12 - Quora question answered on what you would say to your younger self

Day 13 - Wrote and submitted two pieces to online writing platforms  

Day 14 - Quora question answered on struggling in high school, and wrote about Consistency and Change 

Day 15 - Personal Eulogy Challenge

Day 16 - Quora question answered on what I learnt in high school

Day 17 - Lessons From High School

Day 18 - Travel Day, no writing completed, just a lot of reading and sleeping

Day 19 - No writing completed, changing my routine up and not writing in the morning didn't work that well

Day 20 - UP, a creative writing piece published on The Regal Fox

Day 21 - Critical Self Reflection and Leadership

Day 22 - Quora question answered on what I'd change about my high school experience

Day 23 - The Search For Self-Worth

Day 24 - Embrace Your Individuality  

Day 25 to 30 - No writing completed

Results: I really enjoyed having the challenge to encourage my writing habit each day. I was really struggling with consistency before this challenge, so it helped me immensely. I fell down a bit near the end of the month as I got quite busy, and writing fell down the priority list. My next writing challenge will focus on consistency and challenging my abilities.

Best Wishes,