My Impossible List

My Impossible List is based on a movement started by Joel Runyon over at Impossible HQ. I first read about it over at College Info Geek and really connected with the concept of it. Joel describes the list as a challenge. It’s not about settling for what’s possible in your life, but instead striving towards goals that you didn't think possible, and growing as you achieve them. 

This will be a lifelong working document that I add to, change, tick off and elaborate on as I pursue my journey. 

It’s meant to be a fluid document that changes as you do, and a record of what you’ve done and still wish to do. I’ve included a few of my fun/miscellaneous goals in here, not necessarily big challenges, but goals I want to complete nonetheless.

Last Updated: 25th June 2017

Health and Fitness Goals

  • Abstain from eating anything with added sugar for an entire month

  • Run in a ParkRun event

  • Run 3km non-stop

  • Complete 20 push-ups in a row

  • Be flexible enough to do the splits

  • Complete a fitness challenge

  • Attend a martial arts class

  • Attend a beginners dance class

Professional Goals

  • Have meaningful conversations with ten people and record key learnings

  • Create a public slide deck

  • Get published in a major online publication

  • Give a live talk/presentation

  • Complete my university degree

  • Start a business

  • Gain skills that allow me to become self-sufficient and location independent

  • Attend a conference

  • Build my personal and business network

  • Gain a solid understanding of basic financial principles

Online Goals

  • Get 1000 website visitors

  • Setup and distribute my monthly newsletter

  • Self-publish an eBook

  • Speak on a Podcast episode

  • Create a video for my online portfolio

  • Learn how to create and publish an online course

  • Gain my first $100 of side income

  • Create an iPad/iPhone App

Fun Goals

  • Complete Blake Boles’ online course - The Way of Adventure

  • Complete the Praxis Online Entrepreneurship Course

  • Learn basic self-defence

  • Cook 50 different dishes

  • Create a piece of artwork for my wall

  • Learn basic calligraphy skills

  • Bake and decorate a large themed cake

  • Write a song

Travel Goals

  • Go backpacking by myself (minimum of two weeks)

  • Visit Hobbiton in New Zealand

  • Visit Disneyland

  • Visit Harry Potter World

  • Travel to a country in South-East Asia

  • Walk part of the Camino de Santiago

  • Visit an Island country

  • Road Trip around Australia

  • Work on a cruise ship

  • Visit NASA

  • Visit Lietchersen (small European country)

Life Goals

  • Find hobbies and work that fulfills me

  • Have a healthy, happy and loving family

  • Create a lifestyle that prioritises passive income, travel, and freedom

  • Pursue a path of lifelong self-directed learning

  • Work towards a minimalist mindset when it comes to purchasing material objects

  • Buy a property

  • Live and work overseas

  • Invest in a startup

  • Have a large reading library

My Life Guidelines Thus Far

  • Don’t play small

  • Take a step out of your comfort zone every day

  • Don’t let sugar take control

  • Age is never an excuse

  • Always ask questions

  • You need to be able to stand up for your beliefs

  • Being honest is hard but necessary

  • Don’t push the people you love away when life gets hard

  • Sometimes you have to make the hard decision, and deal with the consequences

If you make an impossible list I’d love to read it!

Best Wishes,


Personal Eulogy

This challenge from Blake Boles online course The Way of Adventure, was to write a eulogy that would be delivered by your best friend at your funeral. The aim was to write the things that you'd like to be remembered by at your funeral, and look at where you want to head towards.

This task really made me think about the way I am currently perceived, and the things I want to change. This eulogy is for the Kate Campbell that I want to be when i’m older, and it’s the story of the person I’m striving to be. I may update this as I grow, but I’ll leave it here for now.

Eulogy for Kate Campbell, Age 82

Today we honour the memory of our dear and beloved friend Kate Campbell. Kate lived a long and happy life, and passed away peacefully in her sleep last Tuesday. Kate always saw the best in others, and brought out the best traits and qualities in those she loved.

Kate was loved by many, and the people whose lives she touched have gathered here to remember her beautiful spirit today.

Kate was energetic and bubbly, and saw the positives in even the most frustrating tasks. She was a mentor to many younger people over the years, and her guidance and advice has helped many fantastic people go on to lead fulfilled lives.

She was a firm believer in asking questions, and never shied away from pointing out the truth, no matter what. She was honest, gentle and kind, and a giver not a taker.

She was a student of life, and loved to learn new things everywhere she went. An avid traveller, Kate went on many international adventures with her family and friends, and even stopped by Antarctica!

She spent time working overseas on projects close to her heart, and read books nearly every where she went. I never saw her without a book in her bag, and I was constantly being dragged off to visit bookstores with her.

Kate leaves behind her husband Mark, her sister Margaret, her three children Victoria, Elizabeth and Edward, and her six beautiful grandchildren. They have all flown in today from all around Australia to be here today and celebrate Kate’s wonderful life.

Kate always put a high importance on family, and was both a wonderful mother and grandmother. She was always interested in what her family was doing, and always supported and believed in them.

Kate is now at peace, and has gone to heaven, I’m sure she’ll be enjoying catching up with her parent there. They had a very special relationship while they were alive, and she missed them dearly after their passing.

She lived a full life, and would want her passing to be a celebration of happy memories today. So please join me in a toast to the wonderful Kate, a woman who made everyones lives that little bit better, and lived every second of her life.

Last Updated: April 2017

Rejection Challenge

This task from Blake Boles online course The Way of Adventure, is based on the Rejection Therapy game. Blake points you in the direction of Jia Jiang who completed 100 days of rejection therapy and documented it on his website.

The goal of this game is to overcome the fear of rejection, and not attach yourself to the outcomes of your request. Rejection is a part of life, and in order to grow and develop, you'll need to be able to cope with negative responses to your requests.

Have a listen to the TED Talk Jia gave on his adventures last year. It gives you a fantastic understanding of the importance of being comfortable with rejection. Jia also wrote a book on his experiences called Rejection Proof which sounds really interesting, and I'm definitely adding it to my future reading pile. I'll definitely write about the book when i've finished reading it, and share what I learn with you here.

According to the Rejection Therapy game here are the main objectives of the activity.


  1. To be more aware of how irrational social fears control and restrict our lives
  2. Smash the tyranny of fear and reap the treasures (treasures include wealth, relationships and self-confidence)
  3. Learn from, and even enjoy rejection
  4. To not be attached to outcomes, especially when it involves the free agency of other people
  5. Permit yourself to fail

Your challenge is to get rejected 10 times, just like Jia did.

Come up with 10+ small requests that you can make. Follow the rules of the original Rejection Therapy game for best effect:

  1. A rejection counts if you are out of your comfort zone
  2. A rejection counts if your request is denied. (if you end up receiving a “yes” instead of a “no”, that’s great!)
  3. At the time of rejection, the player, not the respondent, should be in a position of vulnerability.
  4. The player should be sensitive to the feelings of the person being asked.

Here are the 10 requests I plan on making, I'll update this page as I go with my results. They may not seem as exciting as Jia's as I'm certainly out of practice in this area, but hopefully this challenge will help me widen my comfort zone.

I'm not really going in with the goal of rejection, but with the aim of asking people I don't know for assistance. Once I'm comfortable with completing these requests, I may upgrade this challenge and ask some requests that are similar to Jia's.

  1. Ask someone for directions
  2. Ask someone for feedback on a piece of creative writing
  3. Ask for a larger discount at on a product or service
  4. Ask someone to talk about their weaknesses
  5. Write a letter to a prominent person, and ask for a response
  6. Submit a question to an author/speaker, and ask for a response
  7. Ask someone what they do for a living
  8. Ask someone for advice
  9. Ask someone for a personal story
  10. Ask someone to teach you a 5 minute lesson on their chosen topic

Results: Will be Updated as this Challenge is Completed

Go out and do something that makes your heart beat, just that little bit faster.


30-Day Writing Challenge

Writing has never been a habit for me, I'll go for weeks without putting pen to paper, and then suddenly out of nowhere all sorts of words and idea come rushing through my head waiting to be written down. It's an area I want to become a lot more consistent with, so I am setting myself a 30-day challenge to write everyday. I will be documenting what I do each day on this post, and will share my results and learning points at the end of the challenge.

To me writing is such a special and important skill, and it's a skill that needs to be exercised daily in order to see improvement. I'm also learning about writing through the Young Writers Workshop, and will be implementing what I discover into my daily writing challenges.

Some of my writing will be shared on this site, and I'll link to the other pieces I write during this 30-day challenge.

Challenge Documentation  

Day 1 - 30-Day Writing Challenge Introduction and Framework

Day 2 - March 2017 Update 

Day 3 - Signed up to Quora, and answered two questions about sleep and self-directed learning 

Day 4 - This Changes Everything - Book Review 

Day 5 - Work Doesn't Equal Life

Day 5 - Peace and Happiness

Day 6 - Another Quora question answered, +/- of college and autodidacticism 

Day 7 - Childhood Questions, and Quora question answered on high school advice

Day 8 - Rejection Challenge  

Day 9 - Flew home for Easter, didn't get any writing done today  

Day 10 - Published over at The Rebelution, taking about my Christian Faith 

Day 10 - Quora question answered on managing Self-Directed Learning

Day 11 - Easter Day, no writing happened, but I'm glad I spent the day with my family

Day 12 - Quora question answered on what you would say to your younger self

Day 13 - Wrote and submitted two pieces to online writing platforms  

Day 14 - Quora question answered on struggling in high school, and wrote about Consistency and Change 

Day 15 - Personal Eulogy Challenge

Day 16 - Quora question answered on what I learnt in high school

Day 17 - Lessons From High School

Day 18 - Travel Day, no writing completed, just a lot of reading and sleeping

Day 19 - No writing completed, changing my routine up and not writing in the morning didn't work that well

Day 20 - UP, a creative writing piece published on The Regal Fox

Day 21 - Critical Self Reflection and Leadership

Day 22 - Quora question answered on what I'd change about my high school experience

Day 23 - The Search For Self-Worth

Day 24 - Embrace Your Individuality  

Day 25 to 30 - No writing completed

Results: I really enjoyed having the challenge to encourage my writing habit each day. I was really struggling with consistency before this challenge, so it helped me immensely. I fell down a bit near the end of the month as I got quite busy, and writing fell down the priority list. My next writing challenge will focus on consistency and challenging my abilities.

Best Wishes,